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A-Forum ISAPI application for MS IIS web server

NOTE: This is a LEGACY product. This page is provided for LEGACY SUPPORT ONLY.

Apdsoft's A-Forum is an ISAPI application, allowing web server administrators to start a discussion forum (or "message board") on MS IIS web server within 5-10 minutes, with no programming required.

It is designed specifically for web sites operating under Microsoft Internet Information Server (MS IIS) for Windows NT4/2000/XP and Windows Server 2003.


  • Automatically supports threaded hierarchical discussion structure, convenient and easy for users to review and to reply.
  • No programming is required to set up and to run the forum.
  • Works fast, taking the best from MS IIS architecture. Unlike CGI or ASP applications, does not need to be loaded every time per client request.
  • Supports up to 36 different forums controlled simultaneously by the same application instance.
  • Full remote administration capabilities - administrator controls the forum remotely using a regular Internet browser, being able to delete any message posted by user.
  • Quick and simple Setup - CAN BE SET UP REMOTELY - just upload two files into a CGI-BIN directory on your server.
  • If an Approval Mode is used, the newly posted messages do not appear in the forum until they are approved by forum administrator. Administrator can be automatically notified by email.
  • Each forum may have its own administrator, with a principal administrator being able to control all the forums.
  • Changing settings and customization options by forum administrator is quick and easy with one-click settings page.
  • Extensive customizing capabilities - you may choose from quick and simple background and font settings to the entire style redefinition with your own CSS data applied to every page generated by A-Forum.
  • Self-maintenance mode: older messages are deleted automatically when the list of posted messages becomes too long. Email notifications are automatically generated to inform users about the replies posted to their messages.
  • Hidden email mode: as a protection from spamming, email addresses of the authors of the posted messages can be hidden from other users. Embedded web mailer allows to send direct email replies by filling out a form.
  • Read-Only, Question-Answer, News mode: posting new messages or posting reply messages can be restricted while message author name and other information can be hidden - this allows to use A-Forum as a tool to process customer questions, to publish company news, articles, FAQs, etc.
  • Can be fully customized for use with any national language: all service text strings can easily be translated, and the national language code page can be enforced in HTML META tag (if necessary).
  • No ASP support or other special system support is required on the server - A-Forum is fully independent from ASP, FrontPage, MFC, ODBC, SQL or whatsoever, and needs just a bare MS IIS server to run. No Java or VB support is required in user browser.


Forum Administration
Apdsoft A-Forum
    - is an ISAPI application for MS IIS web servers, allowing administrators to start a discussion forum (or "message board") within 5-10 minutes, with no programming required.

It is designed specifically for web sites operating under Microsoft Internet Information Server (MS IIS) for Windows NT4/2000/XP and Windows Server 2003.

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Download Apdsoft A-Forum

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Utilizes Microsoft ISAPI technology, taking the best from MS IIS server architecture
Full remote administration, can even be installed remotely
Support for multiple forums with separate administrators
Extensive customizing capabilities - change font, colors, background, or the entire styling
Support for any national language with possible NLS code page enforcement. All service text can be easily translated with one-click settings.
Self-maintenance mode with older messages deleted automatically when the list becomes too long


How to install

  1. Download and unzip A-Forum distributable file.
  2. Place aforum.isa and aforum26.dll files into a "cgi-bin" virtual directory on your MS IIS web server (or into any other virtual directory with script execution access rights).

    Note: if you cannot find aforum26.dll after unzipping, make sure DLL type of files is not hidden from the view in your Windows Explorer properties - go to View/Options in Explorer menu
  3. In case of MS IIS 6.0 on Windows Server 2003 you may need to set permissions on the server to allow ISAPI script execution. MS IIS 6.0 may have all active server content disabled by default.
  4. Type the following address in your Internet browser:


    where x1 is your web server mnemonic address or IP address, and x2 is the path to the virtual directory where you placed aforum.isa and aforum26.dll files.

    For example:

    You should see the page in your browser with further instructions generated by A-Forum application itself. It will invite you to define the settings for your forum. Just follow the instructions, and in a couple of minutes you will have your forum running and fully operational.

    Note: if you cannot get the page with further instructions in your browser, then something is wrong with your web server configuration - please click here for the list of possible reasons. If your server is MS IIS 6.0 (Windows Server 2003) click here to see how to set permissions on the server.
  5. Place links to the forum page on other pages of your web site using the same URL as described above.
  6. Make sure the access rights are set properly for the directory (folder) on the server where you placed aforum.isa and aforum26.dll. To read more about the recommended directory access rights click here.
  7. Note: regularly, you should NOT register aforum.isa or aforum26.dll as an application with MS IIS. As an ISAPI extension, A-Forum will be recognized by MS IIS automatically. This is NOT a VB script application and NOT an ASP active component. Attempt to register may prevent A-Forum from running.

    However, in case if your MS IIS server is configured some unusual and special way, or has some special system add-ons installed, it may be sometime required to register aforum.isa as an "approved" server application. Consult with your server software documentation for further details.

A-Forum can only be installed on the web sites operating under MS IIS (or MS PWS) web server.

Forum Administration

To administer the forum after it has been initially started, type the following address in your Internet browser:


where x1 is your web server mnemonic address or IP address, and x2 is the path to the virtual directory where you placed aforum.isa and aforum26.dll files.

For example:

Note: unlike in normal mode, it is "1102", not "1101".

You will be prompted for administrator password which you set when starting the forum initially.

After you enter forum in administrative mode, you will have the same functionality as regular users, plus you will be able to delete and/or approve messages posted by users and to control forum settings.

Further instructions and customization settings samples can be found on the Settings page generated by A-Forum and shown in your Internet browser when administering the forum.

Starting several different forums

The principal forum administrator can start the second, the third, or other forums, using the corresponding link on the Settings page.

To refer to the second, third, or etc. forum from other pages on your web site, use links with a similar URL as described above, but instead of "req=1101" apply "req=1201", or "req=1301", etc. The 2nd character is the index of the forum, and may be a digit from 0 to 9 or a letter from A to Z.

To administer the second, third, or other forum, use the similar address in your browser, specifying "req=1202", "req=1302", etc. instead of "req=1102".

How to upgrade from earlier version of A-Forum

If you have version 3.0 or later, go to the Settings page in Administrative mode and click on Upgrade link.

If you have A-Forum version earlier than 3.0, you need to replace the files aforum.isa and aforum26.dll manually. The old files may be locked from update and delete operations while the server is running. If you cannot stop your server temporarily, just rename old files without deleting them and copy the new files into the same directory. The newer files will be loaded automatically after the server is eventually restarted. After that you will be able to delete old files.

Forum Maintenance

Apart from administration, A-Forum is maintenance free.

After you installed and started the new forum, users will be able to post the new messages which will be automatically saved on the server and available for reviewing by other users.

If a reply is posted to an existing message, and email notifications are enabled, A-Forum will automatically generate and send a corresponding notification email to the author of the message.

When the list of messages becomes too long, the older messages will be deleted automatically - unless auto-delete option is disabled by administrator in the Settings for the forum.

How to administer the forum
How to start several forums
How to set directory access rights properly

Free Download

A-Forum distributable zipped file is available for free download - click here. File size: 128 KB.


You should register Apdsoft A-Forum Software after you install it on your web server. Registration is quick and simple. To register, log on as forum administrator, go to the Settings page and click on the registration link at the bottom of the page.

Note: registration is the same and common for all different forums running simultaneously on your web site.

Registration allows you to activate more advanced settings in your forums and to obtain technical support from APD-Soft. Registration for trial purposes is free.

Purchase (Note: purchase option is no longer available)

If you want to use Apdsoft A-Forum Software on your web site on a permanent basis, you need to purchase a permanent license.

Click here for pricing information and to purchase a permanent license

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